Nigerian Author Tope Folarin, wins Caine Prize

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Tope Folarin, a US-based Nigerian has won the 2013 prestigious Caine Prize for African writing. He received the £10,000 ($15,000) prize for his short story Miracle, which is set in an evangelical Nigerian church in the US city of Texas. The book’s plot revolves around a congregation that gathers at a church to witness the healing powers of a blind pastor, Judges. Panelist for the award described the book as a “delightful and beautifully paced narrative.” Folarin was among five writers short-listed for the prize, Three other Nigerians were short-listed – Elnathan John for Bayan Layi, Abubakar Adam Ibrahim for The Whispering Trees and Chinelo Okparanta for America. Sierra Leone’s Pede Hollist was the only non-Nigerian short-listed for his short story Foreign Aid. Last year’s winner was Rotimi Babatunde for his story Bombay’s Republic – about Nigerian soldiers who fought in the Burma campaign during World War II.

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