Blair Underwood – My African Connection

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Blair Erwin Underwood was born in Tacoma Washington. He attended Carnegie Mellon University and is a Golden Globe nominated actor, Producer, Director and six-time winner of the NAACP Awards. The career of this handsome and charismatic actor spans over 25 years. He gained notoriety for his role as an attorney Jonathan Rollins in the NBC drama, L.A Law. Throughout his career, the eloquent actor has won numerous accolades and brought attention to issues that are important to African Americans through his work and charitable activities. Blair Underwood is married with three children. In 2011, in an episode of the NBC show “Who do you think you are?” Blair Underwood traced his ancestry to the Babunga people of the Cameroon in West Africa. He journeyed with his father to his ancestral homeland in Cameroon and reconnected with his family. In an emotionally laden voice, Blair said at the end of the show that, “What I will share with my children is that we come from a long line of people from these valleys, to actually be able to travel all these long miles and to meet my cousins face to face, it feels like the family has come full circle to reunite a family that was broken. Voids were filled that I didn’t even realize that I had. For me, we are African not because we were born African but because Africa was born in us. Who I thought I was when we started this journey is different from who I know I am today. It has been incredible.”

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